Friend of mine怎麼唱? Friend of mine歌詞!

作詞:,彰化縣花壇鄉彰員路2段超市優惠,Linda Hennrick



I see my friend, you need a friend

To care for you and be there for you

Till you're on your feet again

To be your friend through thick and thin

To understand lend a helping hand

That's the least that I can do for you

Now anytime you've got a problem

I'll be there to help you solve 'em you ,,桃園縣龜山鄉中興路超市優惠,;新北市鶯歌區東湖路玩具哪裡買,know oh~

When you',桃園縣桃園市宏昌三街玩具哪裡買,ve got a friend by your side

You're not alone

And you know that when you're feelin' brokenhearted

I'll be there to get you started again, my friend

You know I care so I'll be there

Now until the end of time 'cause you're a friend

Friend of mine

A friend in need, a friend indeed

I'll be the one you depend upon

You can always count on me

And win or lose I'll stick by you

I'll try my best put me to the test

And I'll prove the rest is true for you



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